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The Blueseal dictionary provides translations of words and expressions between German, English, Spanish and French in all possible combinations. It also provides a synonym dictionary for all these languages. All the dictionaries offered by Blueseal are also available for use with smartphones or tablets under:

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The extensive Blueseal four language online dictionary is available for all our visitors for free. Whether you are using our website on a PC, on a smartphone or on a tablet, you will find the right word quickly and intuitively. Whether you are a globetrotter or you would like to use it for business purposes, Blueseal dictionary will soon become your permanent companion.

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Just enter the term you are looking for in the search field. First the exact translation will be shown. Below you will find composed terms where the term you are looking for is a part of. If you are looking for the word "translator" you will also find the translation for "sworn translator". "Herb" will also find "medical herb", just to mention some examples.

The Blueseal dictionary is constantly being amended and enhanced. We will be happy to accept your suggestions for new words or queries or whatever we could do better.

In spite of the most meticulous work, we do not claim freedom of error. We grant no guarantee or warranty in respect of the results achieved through use of this dictionary or otherwise for other damage arising through it.

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